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In an outer realm shrouded in darkness, thought to be hidden from the eyes of the ruling Lordes of Ilmatar, a sinister force manipulates Thendiel’s clan to their own twisted end. Karleigh Bon’s “Tales of Eldelórne” trilogy emerges as a chilling testament to horrors that lie beneath the surface. The sons of Thendiel Aran’eliad, Roevash and Eijlam, and their friends become unwitting symbols of hope and defiance as they refuse to surrender to the shadows that invade their lives.

Driven by a thirst for truth and a desire to find peace, they search for survivors of elven migration that took everyone including their own mother. The brothers, Roevash and Eijlam, find themselves flailing into the depths of a rabbit hole led by their friend, Fionna. They land upon evidence of a curse and a massive kinslaying that unearths Naalin, believed the last of her clan. Desperate and in need of healing they try to bring Naalin to a wizard only to be diverted into the hands of an ancient and powerful seer-king in the depths of the Autumwood forest.

Bon’s masterful storytelling takes the reader from lovely sweet fairytale and plunges them into the bitter heart of darkness, where the line between reality and nightmare blurs. Whole villages start to go missing. Rumors of dragons and a strange human sect surfaces. Time is their enemy’s advantage, so Roevash and Naalin volunteer to scout a ancient abandoned goblin kingdom found in the depths of a mountain. Together they unveil a front-row view of the terrifying forces at play.

You will find that despite the coming storm, this young circle of elves have an endearing and mesmerizing kinship as you are inserted further into their lives. They do not understand concepts of accolade or personal gain. It is the company of each other that is reward enough as love binds them together. When you follow their story you come to realize that despite all the differences to humans, they share many of the same desires and fears that you or I have. Together they will have to reinvent themselves and adapt to this new life, alone in a mortal realm. They believe change is not necessarily bad it is just different, and then the story unravels.

Prepare yourself for a journey into the abyss, where the truth is a double-edged sword and justice is a bloodstained path. The, “Tales of Eldelórne,” trilogy is a testament to the indomitable spirit, driven to expose and bring the malevolence that lurks in the shadows to an end. Will you have the courage to face the darkness with them?

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