Odd Botkins


Talk to Thendiel’s Clan


Elven Ambassador to Humankind

My clan voted me in as ambassador to the humans. I am the clan listener after all, so I should have seen that one coming… I will try to have patience.


Kind Healer and Friend

Keeping a watchful eye and positive outlook is all we can do in trying times. They say I have a terrible sense of humor … hmm… Let me tell you a story.


Warrior and Master swordsmen

Yes, I was painfully shy as a youth, now I champion the defenseless. I lived a long arduous life as a warrior. Find me if you have something.


*I was once Ellinduil’s spymaster. Nobody knows that so hush!*

My daggers are named, Bain’thoreth, which means, Beautiful Death. Can you guess the reasons for that, human…