Writing and Polishing: Short tips


There are so many different types of editing it will make your head spin.

I do not know if I mentioned these before, but here is a small collection of vital bits I had to learn.

When you write the word,”it,” ask yourself, “what is it,” and then elaborate. It goes the same for, “they,” “something” and other vague terms. What is that thing?

Commas are your frenemy. (friend+enemy= frenemy) Don’t jolt and jab your readers in the eye by feeding them too many. But, with that said, here’s a favorite example of a totally necessary comma that went missing, “I like cooking my family and pets.” Use commas, don’t be a psycho.

Enough said concerning commas.

Delete repetitive extra words like, “then,” “but,” “and,” you get the picture, right?

Reconsider gender tags. Some countries do not even have them. Does the coat sleeve really have to hang off, “his arm” or can it be over, “an arm?” Like I said, something to think on.

Exclamations are like the party you were not invited to. Avoid them unless strategically and absolutely necessary.

Know the difference between writing out the framework (first draft) of a storyline and weaving through your magnificently twisted and sinister tale with artistic gusto. Your readers will thank me.

Treat your readers as the intelligent humans that they are. Don’t bore them by repeating yourself. Your readers are not stupid people, don’t say it twice. See what I mean? (cheeky-wink)

You must untangle your inner-self’s fishing line of ideas so complete strangers visiting your word-scapes can understand what is going on.

Until you can read through a chapter without hitting the save button, that chapter is not polished.

Now get on with it…

Write On, ~K

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