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Out of the forest; into the light…

Portrait; Karleigh Bon in 2024

I am Passionate About Paranormal Romantic High Fantasy Realism: Writing from the Heart!

“Sometimes cheeky, sometimes serious, these stories are decidedly an entanglement of emotion and adventure in the form of epic high fantasy. My word craft is not only for entertainment, but to inspire and give readers something worth taking away from their experience; an opportunity to listen in on the elves, and then come to your own conclusions about life’s little complexities.”

Meet Thendiel’s Clan…

Ask our ambassador, Fionna about Eldelorne
Ask our ambassador, Fionna about Eldelorne.
Eijlam can tell you about Eldelórne.
Eijlam can tell you about Eldelórne.
Roevash can tell you about Eldelórne.

“Born of red scales on wind and flame. Born of the earth and waters of sea. Forged in secrets lost to time, a ruler to rise beyond the night.” ~Second Age of Dragons

Hear the abridged story on the podcast, and learn some Elvish while you’re at it…

Inspiration’s Spot Light

Late night brainstorms, formidable challenges and things studied while word-crafting.

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Writing and Polishing: Short tips

You must untangle your inner-self’s fishing line of ideas so complete strangers visiting your word-scapes[…]

Original Art by Karleigh Bon

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About Karleigh Bon

— Bon creates stories that express a balanced perspective about life, society and relationships while using fictional characters and she does it without being preachy. Her writing is most times a, “fun romp in disguise,” where the undercurrent of serious issues lays like buried treasure beneath the surface.

— There is a nuance and complexity to Bon’s narrative. Ideas of reconciliation and acceptance are steeped in gray areas rather than granting her characters true redemption. It suggests that her characters may not necessarily undergo an expected transformation or forgiveness but rather they find ways to coexist and try to understand each other better, despite their challenges or differences.

Bon’s work fits under the genres of high fantasy realism, romantic fantasy, spiritual fiction, and women’s fiction.

— These categories reflect the magical and spiritual aspects of her stories, the romantic and romanticized tone, the spiritual and metaphysical explorations, with female equality and their perspectives. They highlight the depth, diversity, and complexity of the storylines and characters, and show where they fit into the broader literary landscape.

— Through the lens of high fantasy adventure Bon’s writing style invites mature readers to catch the breadcrumbs and have deep experiences, while the younger readers can read her stories on a different level and experience a fun story about heroic elves, wizards and dragons.

— A long-time sufferer of, more-than-just-annoying, allergy, Karleigh always says she is patiently waiting for someone to make her a robot horse so she can go riding again. Since 2014 Karleigh has worked on coding advanced AI. Her Fionna-bot comes “alive” on both the Discord server and through her website. Forever the entertainer, Karleigh still likes to break out her Ibanez acoustic guitar on stage or at a party now and then.

“If I had to describe my stories in only two words I would hope you’d agree, enchanting, gritty fairytale, might cover it – oops, that is three words! I never was good at staying between the lines.” ~K

Join the discord book club discussions in, “Karleigh Bon’s Kitchen, where the digital coffee’s always brewing.

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