Meet the new guy: Crowned Prince Dhruhindel


It is truth, what the Edhelath (elves) say about dragons. They are a two edged sword; You cannot avoid getting cut. This speaks of the high intellect of dragons that can never truly be understood or trusted by weaker minds.

I hope when you first meet the prince of dragons you feel afraid. Prince Dhruhindel is very intense. He has little patience. He wears pauldron and a half-plate made from the scales of his fallen sister who was killed helping him escape.

Had he not been forced into this two legged form he would not have known to care about Edhelath. Now, he has to make sense of his situation.

He has found intelligent and logical allies among Thendiel’s clan and that gives him some hope he might regain his dragon body and his crown. Maybe this transformation is a blessing in disguise, maybe it is not. One can never know about dragons.

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