Getting to know our heroes: Cael, Duke of House Ravenscar.


House Ravenscar is an estate located on the top tier of the capitol city of Drustnlach. When Cael was only six he was told his father died in battle. Soon after that he was orphaned when his mother died of a broken heart. Cael was managed by his estate’s servetuer, an assigned guardian of the realm, until he was of age. Master Cael was fostered by the royal family, and thus schooled with the queen’s own children in the palace. He learned to speak fluent Edhellen, taught by the queen herself who was like a mother to him.

We first meet Our idealistic, and somewhat naive, Cael, early on in “TOE: Book One” where he befriends Eijlam and convinces him to join the city guard. Cael and Eijlam are similar in height, weight and good looks, so human’s oftentimes mistook them as brothers. That is until EJ removed his helm and his elven ears dispelled any such ideas. I am sure many misadventures befell the pair during their times together.

Cael jumped at the chance to join the, Royal guard to Princess Elanoreth, whom he had a crush on since childhood. Unfortunately, on their first assignment he gets his tongue cut out and barely makes it out of the shadow cult alive! Due to his injuries, Cael chose to retire from his post in the Royal Guard. He asked to be bodyguard to Naalin’s elfling-child, whom was born in his lap during their escape. He is, of course, an excellent swordsmen so he is granted permission only to discover his old friend Eijlam is the tikes uncle.

Cael has a love for writing and he loves the Edhelath. He had been keeping copious notes concerning their mysterious lives and plans on getting a book published someday. He also planned on marrying his crush. The couple are best of friends and it seemed like it might work out in his favor until, out of nowhere her brother, the high king, made other plans. Elanoreth plead for Cael to help her escape her unwanted betrothal. His honor dictates that he must try but in “TOE: Book Two,” another kind of trouble threatens all of creation. The princess will have to wait as they run for their lives.

King Ellinduil called Cael edanoss and he has yet to find out the truth of where his elven blood originates. And, just when you think you got a good handle on your life, a dragon prince falls out of the sky and crawls onto the shores of Eldelórne! Cael has a lot to work through with so many new complications, no wonder he looks so stern all the time. Let’s hope he finds better wisdom in the future.

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