Getting to Know our Heroes, meet Eijlam


Mê dh’ovannen. I am Eijlam, a healer. I help the injured by using the healing power of light that I discovered in the hidden threshold of my fathers sacred garden in Ilmatar. Although I have a shy nature, I told I am a giant flirt! I think humans just do not understand the true nature of elven culture. What is personal space for anyway if not for hugging on friends? I am fiercely devoted to my one true love Fionna. I know I am sometimes too quick with a joke and it makes me seem awkward. Some people find this endearing, but it is irritating to others, especially humans. I believe in all things brought of kindness. I do not like mean spirited people.

Born in Eldelórne to, Thendiel Aran’eliad. I was nicknamed, EJ, when I was and elfling, by my big brother Roevash. I am a wiry 5’ 6” tall. I have a pale complexion and platinum blond hair. My right eye is blue and my left eye is golden brown. I am ambidextrous. My voice is silvery and calm. I use duel short swords against enemies but I would rather not have to kill anything. I was born into this mortal realm but I am apparently, also a demigod, as my father is, Lorde Lourien, of Ilmatar. My father, Lorde Lourien is the keeper of the sacred, Well of Dreams. The sacred well has healing properties and fortifies the mind’s eye.

They tell me I am goodness to a fault. I admit, it hurts to be involved in anything bad and I would prefer to avoid evil, except sometimes circumstances force me to defend the ones I hold dear. I am an expert marksmen with a bow.  My brother, Roe, taught me the way of duel short swords. Roe likes to spare with me. He is relentless in honing my fighting skills. So far the ability to use my Lorde powers, except for healing, have eluded me. I am not sure what I represent in the Lorde’s pantheon as only a half-blood. My father rarely acknowledges my existence.

Cael is my bff and former queen’s guard, turned scholar. Cael has become part of the clan as he pledged his life to guard Naalin and Roe’s son, Elgelion. Lorde Surmanos, the prince of dark chaos, aka; the fallen one, the mad god, he is a real enemy. He is forever left in shackles beyond the Mor’annon in Ilmatar. Roe and I put him there…

From Cael’s notes: The meaning behind Eijlam’s name is a mystery. The name seems to be a corruption of the elven name Egleria which means “Glory and Praise.” Broken down we get: Eij = Truth or azure blue, Lam =could be a star, clever or an echo depending on your dialect. Thendiel used a “j” in his name which is only found the human alphabet … maybe she meant to call him son of a Lord or god, as in the human name Elijah. Maybe Thendiel was caught up in her husband’s Darjal’n culture when naming her sons. Eijlam is known as an Edhelath and yet a Lord of Ilmatar (a godling) in every sense as the son of Lord Lourien.

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