Getting to know our heroes: Roevash


Roevash grew up in Eldelórne defensive and angry. He stood out among the young elflings with his unusual height and darker skin. He also had his father’s sable brown hair and crystalline blue eyes that refract light like stars. Among the Darjalian people his eyes would have made him part of a ruling class, but his elven ears set him apart making him a stranger in both cultures. Life gave Roe a harsh attitude that he could rationalize and use to protect his softer inner side. He was pretty much a complete arse before Fionna came into his life and confounded him with a stubbornness reminiscent of his own mother, Thendiel. I guess you could say Fionna was like a, slap in the face, wakeup call  to be more thoughtful.

His character is the only one who significantly changes throughout the stories because of his human side. My illustrations of Roevash try to convey his age and attitude progression. He is the only one with facial hair in the small clan. Despite all the conflict he faces in life his good heart somehow survives. Roe is our main male heroic figure in Tales of Eldelórne.

“When he tried to fit in as an elf he was seen as someone to be feared. They would never know the sadness that wounded his heart every time he was made to confront racial bias. Time and distance had buried such feelings. He didn’t care anymore what anyone thought or called him these days. His great height and agility served him well. He was able to protect those whom he loved, and that was what was most important to his heart.” ~ excerpt from Tales of Eldelórne: Book Two

Cael’s Notes: Roevash – Roe means small deer that has a reddish summer coat that turns grayish in winter. Vash = The God. The King. The Prince. The highest class in the hierarchy. One who is looked upon highly. One who is brilliant. He is the beloved first born son of Thendiel and older brother of Eijlam. We know him as half-blood Edhelath and Darjal’n. 6’ 11” tall, born February 13, 2402, of the third age. He is left handed and has crystal blue eyes. He loves avocados. He tolerates sailing on larger ships but has a dislike for deep waters. His father is the eldest son, Marin of House of Alahiar, a giant Darjalian human. He owns a huge estate Roevash inherited. His Uncle Calan taught him about being a darjal’n. Roevash learned how to control his humanity and appreciate his racial diversity. He can still be bossy, stubborn and seem grumpy when you first meet him but he ultimately has the elven grace and virtue in his heart.

His experience growing up as a half-blood has made him look on with silent judgment before trusting anyone and even then he is skeptical and always weighing your virtues. He is a seasoned fighter and easily lashes out to protect whomever he deems as his own. Although he can be a terrifying warrior his deeply hidden heart is still that of an innocent youth who yearns to love and be loved. Roe’s instincts for strategy and seeing the truth are honed to a sharp edge and he is able to cut down to the matter. He can be very humorous when he is with his closest companions. He loves Naalin and his son Elgelion so very dearly. His dedication to his family is absolute.

I hesitate as the author to define how different Roevash is to the realm of Ainghaille. He was very much like his father and yet he is not. I would like to leave it up to you, the reader, to use your imagination in seeing him in your own way. (I know… I posted my own pics here.) I would love to see your ideas posted here on my blog. I hope he is seen in your mind as beautiful. Roevash has grown into someone who has learned to know himself. His integrity serves him well in seeing into the truth of things. Roevash represents all who struggle in a world where bias against being different works to pull us apart.


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