Read and learn from the three tomes of Eldelórne


“The three tomes of Eldelórne: They hold great significance in our lands. The first tome is the tome, SONG of Wisdom, where the ancient knowledge of our ancestors is preserved. It is a place of learning and enlightenment. The second tome is called the, DREAM of Valor, where brave warriors fought the rising chaos. Efforts that sent too many into the embrace of true-death. It is a place of honor and remembrance of that long fight by the lives healed through the voice of justice. And finally, the third tome is the tome, Harmony of HEART, where the spirits of those who sought peace and unity hope to find continuing solace. It is a place of tranquility and balance even as persistent evil tries to take a foothold in our realm. These writings symbolize the core values of the Edhelath. They serve as reminders of our long memory and the ideals we hold dear.” ~Fionna Thangurian, clan listener and ambassador of good will among the human race.

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