Those Edhelath speak High Sinderian


The Elvish or more properly stated, Edhellen tongue, used in my stories is developed from Tolkien’s language.

Early on I decided that writing gibberish would be just plain annoying and the Dalish language I heard of in Dragon Age was too limited. Tolkien was a linguist so his elven vocabularies were the perfect solution. I would think he would be glad to find so many humans still use his invention to this day. I am glad to be counted among them.

Learning Elvish was not an easy task. It took study to learn and then implement the correct versions of the tongue into my stories. Thank the gods for Boston University lectures on the subject and a multitude of resources you can find online.

Tolkien’s Elvish evolves among the many elf races and evolves with its usage throughout time. Among the three Edhellim kingdoms in Ainghaille the same has happened. That is why you will find the spelling of words changed throughout my stories. For example: “Ettenfalis” is the old while “Ettenfahls” is the new. The evolution of language denotes the passage of time.

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