Ilmari formerly known as…


Ilmari formerly known as pikka are the very first origin story creatures born of the chaos. They were the first to wake and the first to escape into a sentient realm of peaceful light.

“Blind we came out of the waves, the first ilmari. The edge we found was full of new sensations that changed us. We stumbled forward onto the new realm. Then light appeared and we discovered sight. With sight came even greater desire for an order of things.” excerpt from TOE: Book Two by Karleigh Bon

They were granted subtle magics and set to the task designing a place where a new life would flourish. The gardens come from their thoughts and desires. They love to eat flowers. Ilmatar herself, the Great Mother of Creation, guided the young Ilmari efforts as the first aria of song was formed. In successive waves there came many more minds and spirits, and many more flowers in a tonal kingdom.

The Lordes came with their ability to wield a radiant tone. This ability alone set them apart. With their new found powers of authority, and as the keepers of chaos’s will, the Lordes marched forward into our realm. Others followed with great anthems that filled Ilmatar with the brilliance of song and light. This realm was profoundly changed by those first struggles.

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