Thendiel Aran’eliad of Eldelórne is an enigma ::SPOILERS::


__ Her very existence is paradoxical to the immortal realm. Sent to ensure the end of a war she only prolongs it. :Golden:

Before Thendiel ascended to her place in the spirit realm, she lived among the Edhelath on the southern shores of the ocean just west of the Illianheni gardens in Eldelórne. As an elfling Thendiel learned all the usual things elves know in crafting and lore. Her father was a forest scout. Her mother’s heritage was a long line of healers and through her mother’s guidance she learned the secret voice of tree-speak. She met a master wizard at the autumn star festival of Yavanni Elenea. He persuaded her to learn ancient magics. He became her mentor for many long years.  Her lessons ran deep into lost magical arts of healing and discernment.

She was even brought into the Ilmatar and shown the center of all creation. The wizard’s motives were unknown at the time, but it would soon all come clear. Not long after stepping foot in the spirit realm, she professes the end of the world through a troubling dream. The clarity of Thendiel’s dream sent tremors across the Ilmatar and set into motion the final playing pieces of their gods’ great game. The shy young elfling soon grew into a beautiful elderhis, old enough for betrothal, but she was not interested in such a life as her studies kept her nose in her books. She married outside her race to a gentle, giant of a man.
Marin was a brave and valorous Darjalian warrior in the kings elite rangers. His sworn oath to protect the lands from all evil was their undoing as he was soon called off to war leaving Thendiel to bear their son Roevash alone. Trying to make the best of a sad situation, after losing her one true beloved, Thendiel moved back to Eldelórne to raise her half-elven son. Thendiel gained her second name, “Aran’eliad*” by knowing the ancient magics that propelled her into the realm of the elven spirits to retrieve King Ellinduil’s lost heart. The great elven king had fallen in an assassination attempt that took his beloved, Rhianna. Being heart-bonded, survival was next to impossible if it weren’t for the strength of Thendiel’s song magics.
She was then named and revered among elves by the king’s decree from that day forward. She returned home carrying inside her an unborn; given to her by a lord of Ilmatar. The young one’s name was to be Eijlam.  Scandal always shadowed Thendiel’s life among the elves. The quiet village existence was all she ever desired for herself and her family but her neighbors did not always make life easy for her or her sons. It was unfortunate the edhel could not see the truth about Thendiel or the importance of her descendants. Long memory would soon prove her clan’s worth to both men and Edhellim and the true mettle of Thendiel’s heart, that is… if any in all creation survive to remember.
*Aran’eliad translates roughly in common tongue to King saver or savior

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