Tolkien, By The Way…


I admit, when I started writing Tales of Eldelorne it was a direct spinoff of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I thought, why not have more stories like the star-wars franchise or StarTrek? I was faced with the fact that the Tolkien estate has a stranglehold on such things. So a parallel universe was formed. But, after all this time any similarities you may find in my writing are only a light handshake or loving homage to the great one. In truth I am grateful for the kick start inspiration of Tolkien, but Tales of Eldelorne has developed into something else entirely.

The focus of Tales of Eldelorne are the relationships and character growth. I wanted the reader to feel like part of the family. When an infusion of human interaction happens in the story I want you to feel suddenly odd because, without even knowing it, you have become one of them.

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