Pricks and Slugging in a Fantasy Age


As it turns out the word prick is an old English word. It had many uses back in the day. It was spelled “prik” and comes from low German Dutch origins. For the purposes of our story Dhruhindel calls himself a prick. He knows what it means to prick someone to get a rise out of them. He liked to play mind games and twist things around. Such is the nature of dragons. He has learned much but he still struggles with the restraints of this new culture he found himself thrown into.
Slugging on the arm seems to be a game between the brothers Eijlam and Roevash. Turns out that’s an early 18th century middle English word of Scandinavian origin. The restraints that have been leveled upon this writing project demand constant checking of word usage. Modern time passage is a tough one and so is the roman calendar. Try as I might to avoid such terms such as “girls” in describing Fionna and her sister. I just had to give up and let the reader comprehend and get on with the story.
an authors note ~K

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