Thendiel Leaving? Book One Discord Discussion


A tragic scene; Young ones clinging to their mother, her leaving them behind. How does Thendiel survive it. At this point we really do not know if she can. The journey to Ahto’s Landing is many leagues to the north across the steaming hot Lunto desert. All I can think is they had magics that transported her through the mist that morning.

“She sadly pulled away from Roevash’s embrace for the time had come. Thendiel kissed both her beloved sons goodbye and then turned to leave. The king’s attendants silently lifted her up onto the light gray steed that would carry her in such weakness. The line of edhelath glowed a ghostly pallor and turned to mere shadow in the morning mist as they traveled away to their final destination.” Excerpt TOE: Book One, Chapter 6, Her Final Hour

And then then a brother does the unthinkable. Roevash yelled in frustration, blaming his younger brother for their mother’s weakness.

“Eijlam blinked his huge eyes and a flood of tears splashed onto the stone path. Slowed as in a dream he turned and was whisked away in the echo of his brother’s voice.” Excerpt TOE: Book One, Chapter 6, Her Final Hour

Seems magics are never ending in the lives of edhil. All that comes next in our story hinges on Roe’s inner turmoil and this scene.

“Roevash frantically asked for help, but the villagers looked upon him suspiciously, as if he had done harm to his own mother and his brother. They were not sure that he wouldn’t have. In denial of what his eyes had witnessed Roevash spent all his time desperately searching the woodlands, but found naught a sign of Eijlam.
“It is as if he just vanished before my eyes!” Roevash pondered reliving the scene over and over in his head.
“I have to look farther,” he suffered in his thoughts. “Or I will have failed in my promise to our mother.” Roevash hung his head in sorrow, blaming himself for all he had done, and not done. “Before my life is gone from this realm I would be known as true-hearted and not a monster in the eyes of my own brother,” he vowed.
Soon, the murmuring and staring whispers of neighbors crowding in were more than Roevash could stand. He had lost both his brother and his mother on this day and none could spare some comfort for his wretchedness.
Feeling desolate and alone Roevash put his mother’s precious ring in a hidden place in his room. He took what little he would need in his belt and a shoulder pack. Roevash set out from the safety of the hidden village of Eldelórne, and all he had ever known, into the vast unfamiliar realm of men.” Excerpt TOE: Book One, Chapter 6, Her Final Hour

And so our journey begins…

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