A REVIEW> “Tales of Eldelorne” Trilogy


It’s just a matter of time when the trilogy “Tales of Eldelorne”, by Karleigh Bon takes off as one of the best fantasy adventure series; in the same genre as Avatar or Lord of the Rings.

Eldelorne has a cast – or a family – of Elvish characters that become endearing and memorable, even unforgettable, the further you are inserted into their lives.

The Elvish society is threatened by a hideous dragon cult hidden deep into a cavernous mountain and must be destroyed or the future of Eldelorne and all mortal creation will be lost.

Our beloved elf heroes, descendants of a mystical high order of elf society with magical and powerful capabilities, have as their main purpose in life to save their ancient and peaceful elf society. Their adventures and many near death experiences make for powerful and exciting sessions of reading.

One day the trilogy will undoubtedly generate a movie with the enormous popularity of two famous predecessors- Avatar and Lord of the Rings.

Congratulations to writer Karleigh Bon on her initial book of adventures “Tales of Eldelorne,” the Trilogy. She is already promising a fourth adventure novel in the same genre. I for one will be looking forward to that! -Nancy Raihala, Editor-Publisher, retired

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