The chilling story deep between the lines


Just when you think it’s a quaint story about elves, it is not…

The lords of Ilmatar each had their own tasks to fulfill to keep within the order of creation. Since rising out of the womb of Ilmatar’s chaos into sentient beings the lords, each with their own ideas and agendas, were always fighting over what creation meant. Ilmatar remained their queen mother and their reality of existence. She protects them but she would not guide them in their works.

Two lords emerged as leaders. Lord Uxukko believed creation was made of light. He wanted to live in peaceful beauty among family with his children. He wanted that sentiment reflected into all the mortal realms. Lord Surmanos believed in darkness. He wanted to exercise domination and control over all things they created no matter what suffering was caused by their actions. Soon war and death came to be in all the realms.

Throughout the ages seeds were planted and of all Lord Uxukko’s broken failed plans only one survived by virtue of his own daughter’s sacrifice. It was disguised so well even the gods could not control it. They came by birth into the mortal realm. All who came in contact with them, unknowingly felt their influence. This influence made reality bend to their will. Leaving only the question, what then is ever real.

Here’s the story’s chilling prophecy:

“Her SONG restored the light, and so it was, the light was born and thus the hiril vuin willingly protected the golden monarch. Eyes seeing beyond DREAM. The unborn finds valor without sorrow, the spark brings light to an end and blood to a mother’s HEART.” ~Monarch’s prophecy, from the first age, the Age of Awakening

As we move into “Tales of Eldelórne: Book Two” we learn more of Thendiel’s past as an elfling growing up in Eldelórne. We will also learn more about the land and the creatures that live there. Love will be lost ad love will be found… this is truly a romantic fantasy after all.

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