Ni degilbor (I am a writer)


Hello friend, I hope you realize by now you’ve fallen neck deep into a romantic, dark fantasy adventure. My intention was to encompass life from the under-developed edhel point of view. As our friends, Roevash, Eijlam, Fionna and Naalin, grow you will see they have many of the same desires and fears that you or I would have. Until their convergence, their individual experiences have stunted, and changed them from what they would have been, that is, had the elven kingdoms stuck around. Changed is not necessarily bad, it is just different. The elves of Ainghaille are not just humans with pointy ears. They are truly alien in their philosophy and physiology. They have an almost insect like ability to blend into their surroundings, and survive damage in battle that would kill a human. These very young elves are insanely passionate, crazy hungry and yet have no need to eat, they sleep in puppy piles whenever they can, and have a graceful, mesmerizing, playful way about them. All that is wrapped up the thinnest shell of wisdom that should come from hundreds of years of life and guidance from Eldars. With the exception of their encounters with King Ellinduil, all the Eldars have gone missing by the end of book one. Keeping in mind that not all of us are heroic figures, although we can have our moments, our elves do not understand the concepts of accolade or personal gain. It is the company of each other that is reward enough. The Edhelath have always lived in close knit clans throughout all long memory. As our elves cling to each other, alone in the fourth age of man, they develop and an inner core of strength that they would not have otherwise. The reader can assume, that in all my stories, the elves are probably speaking some form of Elvish to each other, unless humans are involved in the conversation. Other projects I am working on: “Hearth Tales for Elflings” Thendiel’s own magically woven short stories. The Continuing Stories of the next gen of Thendiel’s Clan: Golden Butterfly Estival with the series continuing into Autumnal, Hibernal and Vernal. ~K

Karleigh BonKarleigh Bon is The author of the “Tales of Eldelórne” trilogy and the producer of the podcast by the same name. Along with her crazy little black dog, she is surrounded by gadgets, paints & canvas and have been know to bust out a guitar or eight string bouzouki for a party once in a great while. She’s waiting for someone to perfect a robot horse as she dabbles in Artificial Intelligence and AIML coding. Currently she has several works in progress. All the books and audio can be found on   “Author-artist-pod producer-voice actor-armchair comedian-singer-songwriter-gamer-geek” also Loreseekers Xbox-NA ESO Guild-master, Twin Cities Geeks, TBI survivor, BMI, LSW and SFFWA.

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