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Music for Questing

Published on: June 27, 2020 at 11:11 AM

You asked for it, and so, here it is, a “mixed tape” of our podcast session music. May it be an uplifting and contemplative soundtrack as you go forth into the biggest quest of all… your life! If you enjoy the artists, look them up and support their music.

Hey, you like it when somebody reads a story to you, right? Join me as I read book one of my Tales of Eldelórne trilogy. This story is not the tale of a singular hero on a great quest. There is no magical sword to bear. No burden of deliverance from evil rests on any one shoulder. This is a story about life, and a family clan with a bond that has endured throughout time. The only reward for their acts of bravery is the joy they find in being with each other. These are the elves of Eldelórne.

Here’s your first clue to the Tales of Eldelórne chilling prophecy: “She crafted a song that would return the light, and so it was, the light was born into the world, and she loved him as a son, and thus the hiril vuin willingly protected the golden monarchy.” The queen’s heart, from the first age, the Age of Dreams.

Music Credits in order of their appearance: 

  • Coalescence by Punch Deck, 
  • Eldelórne: Genesis by Chris St.Germain, 
  • A Peaceful Sanctuary by Tristan Lohengrin, 
  • Aimless by Punch Deck, 
  • Gajllar. by Alexander Nakarada, 
  • Behind the Sword by Alexander Nakarada 
  • Forest of Fear, 
  • No 3 Morning Folk Song, 
  • Hymn of Tamriel by Nicklas Bauske, 
  • Brahe by Punch Deck, 
  • My Luck by Forest Keller, 
  • Adventure by Alexander Nakarada, 
  • Mairi Bhan Ogby by Tristan Lohengrin, 
  • Omni Strings, 
  • Industrial Meltdown by Punch Deck, 
  • Elegance in Simplicity by Punch Deck, 
  • Góða Nótt by Alexander Nakarada, 
  • Emotional Love Theme, 
  • Funky Junky, 
  • Keys of the Moon Breathing, 
  • Nomadic Dawn by Alexander Nakarada, 
  • Ascent to the Peak by Punch Deck, 
  • No 2 Remembering Her, 
  • Sunrise over Dystopia by Punch Deck, 
  • Love Mix by Lucca.S, 
  • Bhangra Bass by Punch Deck, 
  • No 6 In My Dreams, 
  • Catharsis by Punch Deck, 
  • Now we Feast by Alexander Nakarada, 
  • PureMagic, 
  • Soul Crushing Monotony by Punch Deck, 
  • Rock Tune, 
  • Simpler Times, 
  • Blacksmith by Alexander Nakarada, 
  • Take me to the Depths, 
  • Mind Stream, 
  • Grut, 
  • Bring me Your Sorrows, 
  • Divine Life Society, 
  • Snowfall by Punch Deck, 
  • Twilight Train, 
  • To the Crows by Arthur Vyncke, 
  • Longing by Punch Deck, 
  • A Face in the Cloud, 
  • Did You Want Someone by Karleigh Bon, 
  • Willys Sunny Side, 
  • Hannah’s Song, 
  • The Golden Rise by Tristan Lohengrin, 
  • Song of Sadhana, 
  • Shimmering Lights, 
  • St.Frances, 
  • Cold Journey by Alexander Nakarada, 
  • What is and What Could Be, 
  • Hulu Ukulele, 
  • Dominant by Punch Deck, 
  • Strangely Calm by Forrest Keller, 
  • Backwoods Bbq

Copyright tags shown here, at the end due to limited character allowances: 

Songs by Alexander Nakarada, music is Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License 

Darren Curtis Music can be found on and is “Creative Commons: By Attribution” license. Please support this artist at

All other named artists are found on under the Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Unnamed music is found on YTS music, used with permission from Creative Commons, no attribution required.

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