Life is long but time is short. Such is the quandary of elves.


Karleigh Bon: In Tales of Eldelórne: Book One, chapter four reads as a story of love and flickering passion between King Ellinduil and Thendiel, but if you wish to fully understand what you see here you must think in the way of Edhelath. I hope my writing makes clear that although they do love one another with a very strong bond, Thendiel and Ellinduil never crossed the line of intimacy that is found between lovers. Edhelath throughout their long lives do not shy away from affection. They press into what humans call personal space and hold to one another, touching a hand, elbow or shoulder and freely hugging. Sleeping together for comfort and healing is commonplace among family clans.

Thendiel, in her wisdom comes to realize that overwhelming connection between she and Ellinduil since their return from Ilmatar might be driven by a false transference of his love for his lost queen. This is new territory for a deeply emotional species that spends lifetimes controlling their passions. Never has the heart bonded been separated in life or in death. Thendiel would never want her king to find himself caught up in something that would trouble him later on. In order for him to heal properly she wanted Ellinduil to remain focused on queen Rhianna and all she meant to him.

It probably also occurred to Thendiel how her presence in Ellinduil’s palace would only bring frustration and confusion to an already difficult situation, so she did the honorable thing and resolved to leave. Who knows how long our king would feel the effects of such charged, mixed emotions. It was not easy for Thendiel to break from such a powerfully charismatic and handsome edhel as Ellinduil. In the end, after she cut their ties, she marked her true passion for him in a very eloquent and poignant way. Her message was not lost on Ellinduil. Although his intentions may have been innocent, his eyes opened to Thendiel’s wisdom and he finally understood and accepted her leaving him.

Spoiler alert: Another thing to note here, Long ago Thendiel had seen King Ellinduil when he came to a Yanni-Elenea celebration in the Illianheni. He brought his family, Queen Rhianna, their son and daughter. Thendiel was the same age as Ellinduil’s youngling daughter. They may have even played together at that time. Who can say if this had any effect on her decision to go home.

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