Get to know our Heroes: Fionna


I grew up in an apothecary on the outskirts of Drustnlach that was run by a kindly old wizard named Farghal. I learned wizard magics and am an expert at elemental summoning. I wield a magic staff modified into a pikestaff to protect myself when enemies get too close. I am impulsive and can be unpredictable, maybe that is because I am naive about the larger picture and lose my focus. I am learning to evaluate situations better, though maybe not as fast as some would like. Eijlam still loves me.

I was rescued as an unborn by wizards after my mother died in a goblin raid. So I arrived in the springtime of 2510, of the third age. I have green eyes, red hair and am right handed. My older sister, Naalin, escaped the goblin raid that killed our mother. My primary language is English, however, EJ taught me how to speak Edhellen through mind-speak.

King Ellinduil recognized me as a clan Listener. The gift of quella can be crippling to the mind if not trained properly. This does bother me. I was fostered by the wizard, Master Farghal. We resided in the wizard’s small apothecary, just outside the capitol city of Drustnlach. I was told by my papa, my strong will and personality are made for just such a task as being a wizard. I did not even realize I was an elf until the wizard conjured Eijlam back into the realm through our bathing pool. My hair always covered my ears around humans.

I was tasked with nursing Eijlam back to health, which tested my levels of patience on a daily basis. I was raised to be obedient to my duties, but I have my own opinion and I am not afraid to share it. At 5’ 5” tall, they say I am a force of nature. Am I as formidable as they believe? I do sometimes push too hard and land up to my neck in trouble. I exasperate both Roe and EJ sometimes with my boldness. I do admit, my actions in the past have almost resulted in death and injury of those I love. I am fearlessly dedicated in my love for Eijlam and my family.

Baradhroc is my Brown horse. Dragons used to be enemies but new ideas about dragons might are changing everyone’s mind since Dhruhindel showed up. Dakein is Roe’s bff from his days as a Ranger. I like him.

There is a prophecy: Restored by song the golden dawn appears beyond dream and the unborn brings blood to a mother’s heart. the Monarch Prophecy, First Age of Awakening. Some believe I am the unborn they spoke of.


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