REMASTERED: Talindra’s Gift by Karleigh Bon


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What would it be like to  spend your time watching a tree be born only to discover it wasn’t hours but years that had past. Such is the life of Edhelath. A baby is found by a raging river on a dark stormy night! Many questions are left unanswered. Will she find her truth in this life she’d been tossed into?

Remastered 2019 episode. Taken from “Thendiel’s Hearth Fire Stories for Elflings” this is a fairytale style romp into adventure and discovery. What exactly do you think is Talindra’s gift? Send in a voice message:

If you are a new listener, here it is. If you’ve heard it before, you may not have realized the story takes place on the Western edge of the Autumwood Kingdom. I am sharing this because it has a reference in the next episode that will publish October 14, 2021.


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