CH 46 Pod Notes


Dragon Lord, CH 46

• 22:44

While Lord Surmanos flys back to his dragon kin, Roevash wakes in the Dragon Lords dungeon. EJ and Fionna carefully make their way back home.

You can find this five-star rated audio drama, Tales of Eldelorne, on your favorite pod-player worldwide. If you like romantic stories like Princess Bride, or the elves of J R Tolkien, or the adventures of J K Rowling, you may really like Tales of Eldelorne.


The dominant music here today is by David Fesliyan Studios Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

With these exceptions:

The Corporation and The Brotherhood are by Darren Curtis, and found on his website by Darren Curtis and is licensed and used with permission.

Featured Outro Music “We Need A Hero” by David Fesliyan

If I used sound Fx in this episode, you will find them on


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