Nobility Lost, Weak Principles and Moral Dilemma


Human’s are so easily manipulated and those who are predators know it. An appetite for power and wealth breaks the backs of whomever they come across to achieve their goals. This has been going on since the first humans tried to improve society by creating a hierarchy of leaders and kings. Court intrigue becomes a deadly game.

The wolves in sheeps clothing will be friendly to your face but there are tell tale signs of a predatory nature. First they will revel in telling you harmless stories to see how you will react. But soon you will find yourself dragged into drama and conflict of their own making. They are testing the water to see if you will stand in it. If they are mean spirited and targeting fellow humans and you laugh along they see you compliant enough to keep.

Do not be fooled. The wolf will turn on its own just as easily as they turn on the scapegoat outsider. For now they are grooming you, making you align with their will. You think you have a free mind of your own. You have principles and being callous or unkind would never happen, but I say freedom is work. It is so much easier to follow along and be blindsided by manipulation. You may even forsake true family and long time friendships for the wolves who lure you away.

Think of who you have known for the longest. Think on who loved you as a true-hearted friend and never required proof of your fealty, your money or acts of unkindness. Think on how your true friends only wish to see you stable and happy. You are a shining knight of the kingdom. Your heart was true. Think on the hopes a friend had for you as they shared with you their most precious possession. The world smiled and there was no stopping you… until the wolves came.

All that is wiped away by outsiders who rallied you to some unknown cause. In the beginning you saw the wolves of Abaddon for what they were and wanted to chase them away, but as time passed we gave them a chance. Because we are generous and good hearted and we think everyone can learn to be like ourselves, but we are powerless to change anything because they are predators. They manipulate and break the souls of their followers. It is unforgivable that they hold life in such low regard but that is what they are. The wolf does not punish itself for eating a rabbit. It only will continue to tear them apart.

Once ignited moral dilemma in the soul burns. To put out that fire one must blindly press on even when the light of love is shining like a beacon behind you. Maybe your new best friends will love you more because you have most certainly passed the ultimate test. You have abandoned those whom have know you since the beginning of time to prove yourself to them. Maybe the wolves won’t bite you because you believe you are special in their eyes. Maybe deep inside you were always one of them.

When you look down shocked to see the blood of your own innocence on your hands maybe you can find your principles again. Those who truly love and supported the noble human you once were will welcome you back from the killing fields. You are free to make up your own mind and reinvent yourself in whatever you envision. Life is short for the human and we all must come to terms with how the path we choose may take us all away forever.

~creative words by Karleigh Bon 4/11/2021


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