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Broken Chain, CH 41

• 04:04

Fionna suffers Naalin’s fate at the hands of the shadow cult’s priests. Roevash says goodbye to Naalin, and the Dragon Lord leads his horde to the surface to declare war upon mankind!

TRIGGER WARNING: Suggestive implied violence against female characters.

If you like stories by Diana Gabaldon, J R Tolkien, and J K Rowling, you may be delighted to find this five-star rated book and audio drama, Tales of Eldelorne.

Tales of Eldelorne can be heard on your favorite pod-player worldwide and is a member of Radiotopia from PRX, a collective of the finest independent podcasts. Listen for free at  Also, a member of, Podchaser, put me on your list!


Music In the Dark and Monster’s Lair and Samurai Sake Showdown by Darren Curtis, and found on his website by Darren Curtis and is licensed and used with permission.

All other music is by David Fesliyan Studios Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

If I used sound Fx in this episode, you will find them on

You can buy, Tales of Eldelórne: Book One, at right now on kindle or 441 pages of high quality premium paperback.


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