Maybe there is something of merit to be shared


Hello folks,

Once again I am compelled to make a statement. I cannot even express how angry I am right now, as I watch the live news feeds with a heavy heart. I am speaking about the march on our national capitol complex on January 6th and the continuing threat of violence here in my country. I am thankful that my Tales of Eldelórne podcast had five episodes completed and in the queue waiting for publication because I am crushed by these events and find I cannot work creatively right now. However, I am also saddened to share with you the dark content of Tales of Eldelórne: season three, in light of the recent events here in America. In a time like this I would rather send out stories to make everyone feel good. My trilogy is written about the family ties and lives of my characters and meant to take you, the reader, away from real life problems into a magical fantasy realm. I am sad that Tales of Eldelórne natural progression at this very moment in time is to dive into conflict with a violent and dangerous cult. For me, this has coincided to closely with tragic real life events. Maybe Tales of Eldelórne still carries some merit for my listeners or readers, I don’t know… but, I will continue adding the next chapters to the queue, as we get through these dark times together. Just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to see you there.

Stand in the light…

Sincerely, Karleigh Bon

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