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S3 – Ruination, chapter 33

• 28:10

We find ourselves neck deep in dragons, fallen gods, and cult action in season three. Roevash and Naalin get their “battle legs” back as they slog through the belly of the beast. Roe gets in trouble for mansplaining. They don’t know it yet, but they have encountered this ancient evil in the past. Hold onto your seats and please, heed the WARNING: This episode contains cult activity, blood and implied violent assault.


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Author Insights:

Imagine what life would have been like had elves, as a whole, never adopted their long standing traditions and teachings. Under normal circumstances, young ones would stay in their small village under the watchful eye of their tutors. As they grow into young adulthood, they may pledge themselves into the care of one of their kings for a time. Elves of this realm are superior to men in their strength and cunning in battle, but the Edhelath are loathe to put such things to the test, in favor of a peaceful existence.

I like to believe early interaction with the Darjal’n peoples influenced the future of the elves, giving them a nobler mindset. Edhelath as a species, could have developed into savage monsters. Some had even fallen away, as we hear the long memories of kinslaying. Is it any wonder why the thought of such behavior is so appalling to modern elven sensibilities. We must also always remember how elven minds can be twisted under extreme stress, such as torture. The result is they are turned into goblins. This has been proven time and time again through past influence of the fallen one.

Our small family of Edhelath currently have no Eldars to guide them. They keep breaking long-standing rules in their cultural beliefs. It seems, at least in Roevash’s life, his mother’s influence, and now clan pressure, and his devotion to Naalin are the things that have kept him from stumbling off the path of honor. In chapter 33 we get to experience the dynamics of Roevash and Naalin’s relationship as they work side by side as equals. Naalin is, “the older woman,” and the reader might get the sense that Roevash is still a little bit immature at times. You can see it when he is always having to explain everything when it is not necessary. As with any good relationship, Naalin challenges him to grow. Both of them had been thrown into the realm of men at a young age where they learned of extreme violence. It has hardened them in some ways.

Roe was made a commander among men even though in elven years he would be considered only a teenager. Is it a wonder that he’d become jaded in his outlook and acted like a jerk sometimes. He has always lived in conflict with his human half, as his elven heart whispered noble intent, regardless of his circumstances. Edhelath have a strong sense of justice that elevates their feelings when confronted by the strange actions of humans. Maintaining empathy while bombarded with such incomprehensible logic must be a narrow path to walk at times. It makes my eye twitch just thinking about it! The difference is, because of their long interactions among men and elves, Roevash and Naalin are aware of their being alien in the mortal realm and act accordingly. Maybe we should thank the gods that elves do have such long lives.

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