WIP Vampire Ideas for “Morvathe” by K. Bon


I’ve been working on this story since 2011. It’s about time to, “flesh it out.” What it will become is anyones guess. Here are the seeds of my work…

“I now know his name is Lord Morvathe. My first uttered word, I called him “father.” He stood pale, statuesque, cloaked in fine raiment, watching me struggle to be free of the earth where he stood… I looked up, glaring with determination into his eyes as I clawed away at the last bits of my prison. I proudly emerged, pulling my naked, wraithlike body to stand in front of him, a larvae no more. He did nothing. For a moment, our eyes locked, and without a word, he turned, dismissing me. My elder sisters quickly dragged me away, violent and confused, I screamed incoherently. I strained to look back at him in my sister’s unrelenting grip. He had called to me, my unformed mind did not understand his reticence! It was here where my education began.” excerpt from “Morvathe” by K Bon 2019


Who is Morvathe? He is an ancient reclusive monster who, long ago, sealed himself into a mountainside fortress. He raises his “children” both topside, as thralls, and underground, where only the strongest survive. Their sole purpose is to obey him, and his twisted hunger, of which he, and those who serve him, have many. As it is, and always will be at the hands of a son of Selene, no one survives Morvathe’s lair.

Here is my explanation of what I will call “Amaranth” Feeding: If two vampires were trapped somewhere together, they could last for a time feeding off each other blood. After a while, they would begin to lose power and begin to go mad. However, if one is a powerful vampire such as First Generation and another very low down on the vampire food chain, then they could subsist off each other for many years.

The rules of this canon: A vampire ingesting the blood of another vampire creates a bond between them to the point of being able to read each other’s minds when nearby. Also, they can find each other anywhere on Earth. An Elder Vampire can hide his thoughts from lower vampires.
A vampire might drink his own blood if cut off from all blood supplies. They can last for a short time this way; however, their own blood will begin to turn poisonous, and they will eventually go mad.

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