Tales of Eldelórne by Karleigh Bon IS SO DARK, PROOF READERS REFUSE TO GO ON!


They are delaying the release of this novel,” Bon explained. “There is a part in my dark fantasy where the cult leaders have to deal with the “god” they summoned forth, and it is more than they bargained for. In utter terror the lead speaker’s bladder lets go. He’s also face down on his knees in it. This is not even the most graphic part of the story! I don’t know what their problem is.

The proof-readers refused to keep working unless the author re-writes this part of the book. After a long discussion on the phone sighting several other books and movies, Jurassic Park for one, where this same fear reaction has happened, the readers begrudgingly got back on the job.

Tales of Eldelórne is set in a dark fantasy world where the harsh reality is dark things happen. As real as anything, the main characters yearn for peace. But life makes a bad turn sometimes. The difference is they are Edhellen. That gives them time, and maybe a second chance to make it right. That’s why this is a story of anger and redemption, failure and hard felt lessons to be learned. So much depends on the lives of these two brothers. When the realm is falling to pieces, will they ever be reunited, or will it end up too little too late again.

The novel, Tales of Eldelórne: Book One, is scheduled to be released on Amazon.com, November 12 barring any further delays.

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