Twelve Days of Yuletide Themes


Karleigh Bon will be narrating stories of old days and old ways. How old you may ask? So old, the author names have been lost to obscurity. You may recognize familiar snippets of these tales as many have been adapted from oral tradition into folktales throughout the centuries. I tried to follow with these themes…

  1. December 20 Mother’s Night/Death
  2. December 21 The Winter Solstice/ Labor and the wild hunt
  3. December 22 Courage/Rebirth/Manni
  4. December 23 Truth/Freyr and Njord
  5. December 24 Honor/Feasting and Community
  6. December 25 Fidelity/Eir
  7. December 26 Hospitality/Thor
  8. December 27 Discipline/Skali and Ullr
  9. December 28 Industriousness/odin
  10. December 29 Self-Reliance/Sunnna
  11. December 30 Perseverance/Valkries
  12. December 31 Twelfth Night/oath night


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