Reading from the Vampire Tales of “Morvathe”


“Morvathe” A Vampire Tale by Karleigh Bon

Oct 18 • 40:16

During the time of the 14th century at the height of chivalry, and the beginnings of strong identities between warring nations of men. The House of Amaranth sealed themselves into their fortress deep inside the Elbrus peaks of central Europe.

Empires rise and fall. Arts and sciences rise out of the ashes, and all the while, the last of the ancients, Lord Morvathe, reigns over his daughters and sons with no mercy. Their sole purpose is to obey him, and his twisted hungers, of which he has many.

As it is, and always will be at the hands of a son of Selene, offspring are hardened at birth in a most horrific manner. None dare challenge Lord Morvathe until out of the depths, she came forth…


Music by Darren Curtis, at is licensed and used with permission, and music by Alexander Nakarada ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License . Sound Fx are from


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