Concepts built into Tales of Eldelórne


It is no secret that the moral compass of the Edhelath is not that of humankind. I will tell you now, the elves themselves were born innocent spirits, set apart from the dominating forces that envisaged them. The realm they come from reeks of the stirrings of magic and chaos. It should not surprise you that conflict arose among the awoken of Ilmatar who set themselves apart as kings and queens of that place. Their voices had proven to be power and persuasion, as rhetoric sang into harmonies forming worlds.

Dissonance was unavoidable.Among the strongest voices, unimaginable distances of time passed, as they were locked in the violent birthing pains of conflict. Is it not a wonder that the elves could be conceived from such a place? It also should not surprise you to learn of the “fallen one,” who came into the mortal realm to defiantly destroy, and twist such beauty into goblins, and other monstrosities. It seemed all would be lost to the conflicts of the Lords, until a plan was formed. One that promised to end all strife in the immortal realm, and thus the prophecy began…

“Her SONG restored the light, and so it was, the light was born and thus the hiril vuin willingly protected the golden monarch. Eyes seeing beyond DREAM. The unborn finds valor without sorrow, the spark brings light to an end and blood to a mother’s HEART.” ~Monarch’s prophecy, from the first age, the Age of Awakening

The stories of Eldelórne are set in the “Fourth age of Man” and consist of several main concepts woven into the fabric of truth;

  • A great design in the kingdom of the gods has been forming since the first enlightened notion of life crawled out of the chaos.
  • The battle of good vs evil spilt over into the mortal realm of men and elves, as lesser gods fought for domination in the immortal realm of Ilmatar.
  • Thendiel’s love for her sons and family life is key to the reformation of the immortal realm and the true balance of all creation.
  • The bond between brothers Roevash and Eiijlam never falters, especially when they need each other the most.
  • The love and commitment between Eiijlam and Fionna will endure, even when the worst happens.
  • Eiijlam’s quickening had been going on since the very beginning when he first accidentally set foot into the immortal’s realm of Ilmatar as an elfling.
  • The Edhelath are innocent of knowing the minds of the Lords of Ilmatar, that is, unless they happen to have a seers orb in their possession.
  • There are no words that can interpret the realms beyond. They are not made for mortal minds to comprehend.
  • None are immune from the coming devastation.
  • We are all just little pieces of an enormous paradoxical puzzle, come what may, there is no changing that fate.

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