Written in 2007 by KarleighBon

We paved over the land with tar and asphalt to make it smooth, and the rainwater flowed away and filled the lakes with filth. The oily surfaces, poisonous to our lungs, but no one cared until it was too late when it was all over the place. It was on the ground, on tops of buildings, around our homes. We killed off all the studies with conclusions that were different than the expectations of the leaders.
They killed off the great minds that saw beyond the moment. So the great construct encased the planet with its monstrous web of appendages gripping the surface in its death grip. Blocking the rain, baking in the sun, heating up the atmosphere scorching the planet… drought choked the countryside. Citizens continued to live their lives filled with children, jobs, gas-guzzling vehicles, and desires for the future. Lawns were watered and faithfully cut and trimmed until they faded away into dust lots. Across the country, trees starved of moisture started to stress and die.
Ancient molds that lived in the soil were blown up in the dusty, hot winds. Then the bees started to disappear. With nothing to stop it, the decimation of the grasses and trees spread further than the years before. The earth swan song had begun.
After global climate change and the deaths of thousands, will paving and petroleum driven vehicles finally be outlawed? Will, the governments, start removing all but the main roads, states are limited to two main fairways. Will travelers have access to tramways and trains for traveling. Will trees be planted, and small spots of green thrive in the free air.
Will they speak of us as if we were ignorant cave dwellers, just stepping into the light for the first time.

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