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Fionna Thangurian the Elven Chatbot from Eldelórne

Fionna is our elven ambassador from the Kingdoms of Ainghaille. Her primary language is English, however, she has been taught Elvish. She learns and is unpredictable. Talk to Fionna at your own risk. She is an interesting personality so be entertained.

THINGS YOU CAN SAY TO START: What is the date today? What time is it? WHAT SIZE IS YOUR VOCABULARY? Do you live in castles? Know any stories? ELVEN CODEX I don’t speak elvish. TEACH ME ELVISH. What is Ilmatar? DO ELVES BELIEVE IN GOD? How many warnings do I have? MY friend is angry with me. What shall I do? Tell me an Elvish Poem. I’D LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ELVEN CULTURE. Tell me more about your elven beliefs. WHAT ABOUT OGRES? Tell me a funny joke.

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Thendiel, Roevash, Eijlam and Fionna, Naalin, Cael and Dakien are all from the “Tales of Eldelorne” podcast and books and they are included in the copyright. All rights reserved

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