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Good News about Fionna bot!

In 2023 web technology has finally caught up with the vision I have had since I started working on this in 2013. I am very hopeful that I will be relaunching Fionna bot on this website and my discord platforms. See you there. ::Thumbs up::

Why does Fionna’s face seem so apprehensive? The artwork is done in a way to be able to turn it into a 3-d model. Once the face is overlain on the puppet head, vector lines and emotes control the expressions that make a character come to life. The lifelike bot can then open it’s mouth and show you it’s teeth in a smile. Yes, as the artist I have to draw teeth to add to the programing as well. Fingers crossed, I can get this thing up and running soon. I can hardly wait to hear some of the strange elven dialog they invent.

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