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Tales of Eldelórne: Book Two

 Book Cover art by Karleigh Bon 2021

Book Cover art by Karleigh Bon 2021

“The SONG restored the glawar, and so it was light born thus vuin’sell secures the golden monarch. Eyes seeing beyond DREAM the unborn finds valor with sorrow, the one that brings maeth to an end and lâr to a mother’s HEART.” ~The Monarch Prophecy, First Age of Awakening

Romance and adventure; magical threads of high fantasy.

“Tales of Eldelórne,” is like no other in the high fantasy genre in that while other stories focus on the grand hero action quest, “Tales of Eldelórne,” explores the great land of Ainghaille with all it’s dark secrets, weaving a deep tapestry of clan relationships akin to those found in Dianna Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

In this second tale in the Eldelórne Trilogy, Roevash, Eijlam, Naalin and Fionna find themselves neck-deep in more world-shaking trouble were nothing can be trusted. Is seems the gods themselves have gone mad, threatening to destroy everything that Thendiel’s clan and their friends had just fought for!

In book two we learn more about the life of young Thendiel herself, the tragic past of King Ellinduil and the kingdom he was born to. We will meet new friends, dragons and creatures from the mysterious Vilnask Mountains and of course unravel the mystery of the nine wizards.

“Hello daughter,” Thendiel’s own voice spoke, but no, it was the voice of another. “The light shines radiant upon your path. Can you not see it? It is the only way to save them all… to save your beloved sons…” the voice gently sang as a ghostly image appeared before her. Thendiel suddenly knew that she had been brought to this very moment, since the beginning of the ages, as the weight of her destiny came clear in her mind. ~Excerpt Book Two

There is something for everyone in “Tales of Eldelórne.” The enchanting characters bring you into their lives and turn you into family. On another level, the tuned in reader will explore many hidden layers of intrigue. Look for the Premier Paperback version, available early 2023.


Originally, Tales of Eldelórne was meant as only a trilogy, but now there are companion books and spinoff novels in the works; “Cael’s Compendium on lives of the Edhelath,” and “Thendiel’s stories for Elflings.” More titles to be add to the series, Taryn of Vehlevar, Naalin’s Sailing Adventures, and Cael and the Dragon King. Also four+ book series, continuing the high fantasy flair but focusing on the six elven youths living in a pre-industrial era who were born to our main characters in the original trilogy.

Herio i hinnarn… let the stories begin.

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