Getting to know our heroes: Roevash

Roevash had been looked upon as unusual among the villagers of Eldelórne, who had never heard of the mixing edhelath with human blood. His mother, Thendiel, hadn’t chosen just any ordinary human for his father either. His father was one of the giant darjal’n from the Farnorth mountains. Thendiel was stubborn in her ways, so of course she could only follow her heart in such things. His father was found here in his mother’s land, because of a military outpost the darjal’n had built east of the Illianheni gardens.

Roevash grew up in Eldelórne defensive and angry. He stuck out among the young elflings with his unusual height and darker skin. He also had his father’s dark hair.

“A trait also not seen among the inaptly named, fair folk.” Roe snorted.

“Who would have thought that edhelath could be driven by such bias.” He sadly shook his head.

“In many ways edhel were not so different from humans in their common lives,” Roevash mumbled. He had lived the whole second half of his life among men and experience had proved his theory to be truth.

Roevash had his mother’s refined features and long pointed ears. When he covered them he was seen as darjal’n.

“A damn better looking darjal’n at that,” He laughed at the sound of arrogance in his words knowing that was the joke. He was not arrogant. Among all the other things that defined him, he was painfully shy. Many mistook his silence for arrogance.

When he tried to fit in as an elf he was seen as someone to be feared. They would never know the sadness that wounded his heart every time he was made to confront such ignorance. Time and distance had buried such feelings far away. He didn’t care anymore what anyone thought or called him these days. His great height and agility served him well. He was able to protect those whom he loved, and that was what was most important to his heart.

~excerpt from Tales of Eldelórne: Book Two


It is difficult as the author to define how different Roevash is to the realm of Ainghaille. He was very much like his father’s kind and yet he is not. I would like to leave it up to you, the reader, to use your imagination in seeing him in your own way. I would love to see your ideas posted here on my blog. Is Roevash’s skin coal black, golden brown, or some shade in-between? I hope he is seen in your mind as beautiful. Roevash has grown into someone who has learned to know himself. His integrity serves him well in seeing into the truth of things. Roevash represents all who struggle in a world where bias against being different works to pull us apart.


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