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Hello Friends, After more than seven years, my first novel, Tales of Eldelórne: Book One, is ready for you. It is a tale of love and loss. Unbeknownst to our beloved heroes, they are descendants of a mystical high order of edhelath with magical and powerful capabilities they have yet to discover.

After the disappearance of the mother, Thendiel, her two sons get separated, leaving the eldest, Roevash, to wander the realm of human-kind. He does get a life, but suffers through anger and desolation, blaming only himself as he searches for his lost brother.

All this time, Thendiel’s youngest son, Eijlam, was asleep, in a manner of speaking. Eijlam is forced back into the mortal realm by a wizard and his apprentice, Fionna, to complete a dire quest, set forth by ancient forces, set in motion long ago. Eijlam, with the help of his new friend, Fionna, must learn, grow, and overcome as he grapples with the deadliest threat in all creation… in the form of his own brother!

I wrote this book in an attempt to capture the sense of awe I felt when, as a young girl when I read my first great fantasy novel. Yes, we live in challenging times, but optimism is good for the soul, and I firmly believe despite all the challenges, sometimes the bold and innocent can prevail. So join me on this journey. There are dangers and dragon’s ahead, and all manner of nightmares and dreams. And at the end of this book, I hope to leave you with a tingle down your spine and a sense of hope, unity, and bittersweet yearning. ~K

If you like, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Harry Potter, The Wheel of Time, or the land of Shannara, you will love this story!

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