Cover art reveal for Tales of Eldelórne: book Two

I used this image for this cover because Thendiel’s clan are descendants of a mystical high order of elf society that lives apart from the mortal realm. They are magical and have powerful capabilities like gods to mortal humans. Their main purpose in life to preserve their ancient and peaceful elf society. In book one we heard a story about love and family. Till the end this is what our heroes cling to because this is what they were born into and their understanding is limited by the Lords of Ilmatar. In book two they will discover their rightful place in the pantheon of their ancestors as told by an ancient prophecy…

“She crafted a song that would return the light, and so it was, the light was born. She loved him as a son and thus the hiril vuin willingly protected the golden monarchy. The unborn begets one, her will seeing beyond dreams. Blood of a mother’s love, valor without sorrow, this spark brings light to an end.”


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