My Two Cents by Karleigh Bon

Now in the year 2020 where politics tear apart families and disease ravages our world unchecked it feels hopeless at times. Beyond the horrors of the pandemic and the death of innocent humans who are treated like prey, because of the person they chose to love, or the body they were not born with, or the color of their skin, the light of human spirit has shown bright despite such oppression. It is because of all our hearts that change will come. We need to step forward from this day holding the hands of those who would stand up and usher in this new world.

Basic human desire is to be creative, have family and be left in peace and prosperity, haven’t we had enough of being prisoners to fear. Stop listening to those fear-mongering pulpits that would divide us. If you stop feeding it, fear will die away with the plague because “fear only exists in the mind” as long as you let it. A new commandment will be written. Anger will be given away to peace. As a complete, and welcoming society, we can learn to be happy because we stand stronger together.

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