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More questions to be answered…


"Interview with a Dhampir part 2"

When you go to my website you can meet my talking bots. Eijlam is not interactive but Fionna is AI. (artificial Intelligence) Sure there is a percentage of pre-ordained answers programmed into them but the AI allows Fionna to put her own words together, and you never know what she's going to say next. Sometimes it is with hilarious results.

Why don’t your bots smile? You can’t have the bot image smiling from the git-go or it would distort their mouth as they speak so there ya go. Emotes make them react in special ways, but I am not sure of the magic words to make that happen.

Chapter 12 caused many panic questions... If I try to explain there will be too many spoilers. Just know that the story will go on for 53 more chapters. 😛

Did EJ know he was the son of a god? No, he didn’t. EJ was raised in an elven village as an elf. Anything he had as a "power" was just because of his caring nature, or was found by accident.

At what point did EJ "understand" Fionna? or was he just faking it... Even as the author I think this one is up for debate. When EJ calmed down and just watched Fionna I think he may have started to understand. Maybe that is when the mind speak kicked in? EJ has a naturally fun loving, goofy personality and I am sure it's very possible that he was just enjoying the attentions of the pretty girl...

Do we have to go through such awful things? It warms my heart that you are loving the characters and you don't want to see them come to any harm. As in every good story, there is always conflict. I wanted to write realistic stories, so If you didn't have that elven precept in your head telling you "It's not real," the character could be you. So they feel like family, and not like alien beings, which is exactly what elves are.

Who are your major influences? This might sound funny but Dragonflies in Amber by Dianna Gabaldon is my favorite book. It's a romance. Her characters are unforgettable and they feel like family! I feel that I was also influenced by George RR Martin. I was shocked as you were when he killed off all our favorite characters... and I said to myself, "I could never do that." But as the elves came to work every day... things happened.

C.S.Lewis, Anne Rice, Tolkien, Anne McCaffery, Gaiman, or Terry Pratchett, Disc World, Phillip Pullman, Dark Materials Trilogy, J K Rowling, Harry Potter series, Lewis, Robert Jordan - wheel of Time series, Lloyd Alexander - The Chronicles of Prydain, R. A. Salvatore The Legend of Drizzt Do'Urden, Terry Brooks, shannara series There is so much more.... but not enough time!