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Tales of Eldelórne is copyrighted materials: The concept, cover art, characters, the world of Ainghaille are all crafted by the talents and imagination of the artist/author and is their sole intellectual property. Thendiel’s Clan, and the characters and the world of Ainghaille and Eldelórne are all included in but not limited to logo branding, software robotics and characters of the Eldelórne Trilogy, “Thendiel’s Song”, “Thendiel’s Dream” and “Thendiel’s Heart”, “Then’diel’s Kitchen” and “Cael’s Compendium on the lives of the Edhellen”. These are all copyrighted materials with all rights reserved from 2012 to the present date. This is entirely the artistic and intellectual work of the author/artist and may not be reproduced in any fashion without written permission from the author. Contact: karleighbon@gmail.com if you have any questions. No excuses.

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Tales of Eldelórne: Book One

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