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Illianheni by Karleigh Bon

I needed a hot-sexy poem for my novel so I wrote this. It is adapted from an old poem from an unknown author. You have to understand, Edhellen language is full of double entendre and metonymy. Elves can be metaphoric at times, and not very direct. Humans must listen with “elven ears” to truly understand.
This poem is featured in Tales of Eldelórne: Book Two (WIP)

Tales of Eldelórne by Karleigh Bon IS SO DARK, PROOF READERS REFUSE TO GO ON!

Tales of Eldelórne is set in a dark fantasy world where the harsh reality is dark things happen. As real as anything, the main characters yearn for peace. But life makes a bad turn sometimes. The difference is they are Edhellen. That gives them time, and maybe a second chance to make it right. That’s why this is a story of anger and redemption, failure and hard felt lessons to be learned.

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