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Get to know our Heroes: Fionna

Yes, Fionna is as formidable as they believe. She did not know of elves until she met the bedraggled mess named Eijlam that the wizard conjured back into the realm through their bathing pool.

Fionna – (Fy-o-na) 5’ 4” tall, born in the springtime of 2510, of the third age. She has green eyes, red hair and is right handed. An Edhelath who was never born. She was pulled from her deceased mother’s womb by the wizards and grew up fostered by a wizard named Master Farghal in the lands of men.

Her strong will and personality are made for just such a task as being a wizard. Fionna was raised to be obedient to her duties but she has always fought to push her own opinions. This trait makes her a tour de force among her equals. She sometimes pushes too hard and lands up to her neck in troubles. She too is a capable warrior with blade and staff, also trained up by Roevash.

She is learning to evaluate situations better though maybe not fast enough as her actions in the past have almost resulted in death and injury of those she loves. She is fearlessly dedicated in her love for Eijlam and her family.

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