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Eijlam of Eldelórne by Karleigh Bon 2021

Eijlam of Eldelórne by Karleigh Bon 2021


Eijlam – (Eeej-Lam) 5’ 5” tall, Thendiel’s youngest son, born in Autumn, 2453, of the third age. His right eye is blue and his left eye is golden brown. He has a scar on his right temple and one in his left eyebrow. He is mostly left handed. He loves apples. His inner core is one of pure naive kindness and lightheartedness. He is born into this world but he is also possibly a demigod as his father Lord Lourien is a trusted lord of Ilmatar.

Ej’s whole being is goodness to a fault. It hurts him to be involved in anything evil or from the dark side and he would prefer to avoid it except that sometimes circumstances force him into action. EJ has learned to be a very capable warrior trained by his brother Roevash and will use his blades and bow to defend.

His motivation is great love for his Fionna and his family. He is learning to judge more carefully others motives but he has a difficult time not just liking everyone. Sometimes he is too quick with a joke and it makes him seem goofy. This can be considered endearing to some and irritating to others especially humans. So far in his youth, the use of his true power has eluded him. He fulfilled his destiny in his previous adventure, or so he thought..

From Cael’s notes:
The meaning behind Eijlam’s name is a mystery. The name seems to be a corruption of the elven name Egleria which means “Glory and Praise.” Broken down we get: Eij = Truth or azure blue, Lam =could be a star, clever or an echo depending on your dialect. Thendiel used a “j” in his name which is only found the human alphabet … maybe she meant to call him son of a Lord or god as in the human name Elijah. Maybe Thendiel was caught up in her husband’s Darjal’n culture when naming her sons. Eijlam is known as an Edhelath and yet a Lord of Ilmatar (a godling) in every sense as the son of Lord Lourien.  Also, called Ej by his friends, he is a believer of all things brought of kindness and of peace and is fiercely devoted to his one true love, Fionna.

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