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“Tales of Eldelórne,” is like no other in the high fantasy genre in that while other stories focus on the grand hero action quest, “Tales of Eldelórne,” explores the great land of Ainghaille with all it’s dark secrets while weaving a dense tapestry of clan relationships akin to those found in Dianna Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

There is something for everyone in “Tales of Eldelórne.” The enchanting characters take you into their lives and turn you into family. Their poignant stories will bring tears and laughter as their lives unfold. 

On another level, the tuned in reader, will explore many layers of human virtue laid out with balance and a wisdom seldom found in this day and age.

I flag-shipped, “Tales of Eldelórne: Book One,” as a podcast that is now playing in 28 countries. The majority of listeners (74%) are aged 45-60+ equally split between male and females with 26% all other communities. Book Two will appeal to all romantic listeners with an unlikely paring that yanks hard on the heartstrings. This thread alone demands a spinoff that I will pursue in the future.

Originally meant as a trilogy, there is a cookbook; “Eldelórne edition,” companion books; “Cael’s Compendium on lives of the Edhelath,” and “Thendiel’s Hearth Fire Stories for Elflings.” More titles to be add to the series, Taryn of Vehlevar, Naalin’s Shipboard Adventures, and Cael’s Dragon King. Also four+ book series, continuing the high fantasy flair but focusing on the six, young adult, elven youths living in a pre Industrial Age, who were born to our main characters in the original trilogy.

“Tales of Eldelórne,” could very well satisfy that itch for more elves and high fantasy. Join in with the magic of this ongoing elfanovela, “Tales of Eldelórne,” You’re going to love the ride.


Karleigh Bon


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Author of Tales of Eldelórne trilogy and all around artist and geeky chick.

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