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REMASTERED: Tales of Eldelórne Prologue

REMASTERED: Tales of Eldelórne Prologue

 • 08:39

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Enjoy the beginning of the Tales of Eldelórne Trilogy. There are eighty episodes and three seasons to binge listen to while you wait on season four!

In this episode we find Thendiel suffering because she has allowed herself to fade too far in the human realm. Her soliloquy is one of an elven empath who is lived her whole life among sentient trees that she loves so dearly and the love she has for the two young sons that she’s forced to leave behind.


CREDITS: Please Don’t Cry by by David Fesliyan, David Fesliyan Studios Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Winter Nights by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Danger around the corner by Darren Curtis- found on his website www.darrencurtismusic.com and is licensed and used with permission.


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